We coach individual leaders to create more collective leadership in organizations. With the role of leader becoming increasingly complex in today’s global and fast changing environment, ZPD’s Leadership Coaching builds the capability and bench strength to enable leaders to perform successfully.

Coaching Individual Leaders

Through individual coaching, leaders’ master the mindset, skillset and behaviours needed to take up their leadership roles more successfully. With newfound skills and strengthened capabilities, leaders increase their personal effectiveness, and simultaneously transform their teams and organization.
Successful organizations recognize the advantage of providing structured coaching at the time when it is most needed – when leaders are facing significant change. ZPD’s coaching helps leaders see more clearly through the organizational ‘fog’, make sense of this complexity, and executive change far more effectively.

Coaching Teams

Teams are vital to organizations. They help them perform by delivering organizational goals. When united by a common purpose, effective teams can achieve far more than the sum of their parts. ZPD work with teams at all levels, from boards and the C-suite, to cross-functional, global project teams. We coach the leader and whole team together on real-work issues over a period of time to help them become much more effective. This can increase team performance and contribution to the organization.


ZPD helps organizations discover and build leadership talent.

We identify the potential of cadres of leaders – and emerging leaders with potential – This forms the cornerstone of a comprehensive organization talent strategy. It enables organizations to attract, retain and engage their high-performing and high-potential talent.

By working with ZPD you will be able to:

  • develop leaders and key contributors
  • Build and strengthen teams
  • Improve organizational effectiveness

Discover Your Leaders

Identifying and selecting the right people into leadership roles can make the difference between success and failure – for the leader and the organization. It’s vital to evaluate individuals leadership capability and potential through considered assessment. ZPD’s Discovery process measures the capabilities, motivation and reputation that predict potential and performance in new or untested situations.

The Discovery process measures critical capabilities for anyone in a leadership role such as:

  • Results orientation
  • Agility & adaptability
  • Emotional self-awareness
  • Team orientation
  • Working across boundaries
  • Influencing without hierarchy

Discover Your Teams

Long-term success depends on the whole leadership team as it has a broader and deeper reach into the organisation, and its performance has a multiplier effect: a poorly performing team breeds competing agendas and increased politics; a high-performing one, organisational coherence and focus.

The Middle Circle® for Teams diagnostic tool works with you to identify teams’ critical gaps, key strengths and improvement areas and extend their capability beyond their current level of effectiveness.

Middle Circle® for Teams delivers a clear, insightful report complete with trackable on-line action plans to move a team into its development zone and on the path to improved team effectiveness. We don’t just look at individuals but how a group of individuals work, operate and interact together.


ZPD’s leadership and team development programmes are tailor-made to support leaders at all levels, from C-suite to emerging, future leaders. We provide leadership development in many organisations globally, through a combination coach training, C-Suite coaching skills training, a variety of leadership skills courses and career acceleration.

Developing Leaders

We help leaders to identify their strengths and develop their own authentic, congruent leadership styles, while providing them with simple management skills and tools.

We create whatever is needed to develop your leaders, from six-month programmes for C-Suite coaching leaders to one day events or presentations for coaching managers. We also specialize in developing and accelerating an individuals career through The Middle Circle® for Careers tools – Results through Relationships© and CareerBoost©. The tools create a systematic approach to helping individuals achieve the career they want by equipping them with personal careers strategies and support while giving the organisation stronger work results, relationships and reputations.

Developing Teams

Teams today are faced with an array of opportunities and challenges that they are not naturally equipped to deal with. ZPD’s thematic team development programmes facilitate the creation and on-going growth of high-performing, multi-disciplinary teams, including senior management level and those who work virtually.

We use the Middle Circle® for Teams diagnostic tool which works with you to identify teams’ critical gaps, key strengths and improvement areas and extend their capability beyond their current level of effectiveness.