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Coaching at Work Magazine – Vol 14 Issue 5 Sept 2019

Troubleshooter series



Association for Coaching Coaching Perspectives – Issue 21 April 2019

The latest column in a regular series on the conundrums coaches face when working with teams.



Coaching at Work Magazine – May-June, Vol. 14, Issue 3,  2019

Read Dr. Declan Woods’ Talking Teams article on team collaboration and finding their team ‘glue’.


challenges you face when coaching teams - Read DR. DEC'S COLUMN

Association for Coaching Coaching Perspectives – Issue 19 October 2018

The first column in a regular series on the conundrums coaches face when working with teams.


Ready to dive in?

Is your team ready to be coached?

How do you know when a team is ready for team coaching?
Read this case based article by Declan Woods to find out.

Coaching at Work Magazine Vol 13 Issue 6
Nov/Dec 2018


Interested in using Middle Circle® with teams?

Coaching at Work Magazine Vol 13 Issue 5
Oct 2018

Train to become a Middle Circle® for Teams accredited Practitioner
Advert in Coaching at Work magazine on future Middle Circle® for Teams training.


How Does middle CIRCLE® For teams fare as a coaching tool?

“Taking the Middle Course” : Coaching at Work Magazine road tests Middle Circle® for Teams, putting it through its paces.

Coaching at Work Magazine Vol 13 Issue 5
Oct 2018


Could team coaching make a difference to your business

Southampton Business School
Apr 2018

An article by Southampton Business School’s Executive Learning Partnership (ELP) based on a Master Class on team coaching trends by ZPD’s Declan Woods.


Dream Teams. A special Report

Coaching at Work
Mar/Apr 2018

An article by Coaching at Work Editor, Liz Hall, featuring Declan Woods, on the state of the team coaching market, demand for team coaching and emerging best practice.


What’s the point of coaching?

Coaching at Work
Jan/Feb 2016

Article by Alister Scott and Neil Scotton following the VW emissions scandal featuring ZPD’s Declan Woods. Declan provides a ‘call to arms’ for coaching to deliver change otherwise arguing “What’s the point of coaching?’


Great Coaches don’t get Christmas cards

AC International Bulletin
Jan 2016

A provocative article challenging assumptions about best coaching practice and encouraging coaches to continue to strive for mastery.


Coaching family owned businesses

Chapter written by Declan Woods in the book ‘Supporting the Family Business” edited by Manfusa Shams and

David A. Lane, published by Karnac, 2016

When the police come knocking

Coaching at Work
Nov/Dec 2015

A jointly authored article with Eve Turner highlighting the challenges faced by coaches when needing to share coaching session information with authorities and best practice guidance about how to manage this.


Strategy Coaching

Chapter written by Declan Woods for the Association for Coaching book, “Leadership Coaching” Published by Kogan Page, 2010 with 2nd edition published
Jul 2015

The prevailing economic climate presents opportunities, as well as challenges, for those organisations that are ready and willing to seize them. This chapter looks at organisational strategy and explores the skills of coaches involved in working with leaders in this critical area.

Chain Reaction

Coaching at Work
Jan/Feb 2015

An article sharing supervision research, experience and questions for future debate.

Fear Factor

Coaching at Work
Sept/Oct 2014

Anxiety can stifle team effectiveness and yet be the source of higher performance. An article by Declan Woods highlighting how team coaches can work with anxiety – their own and teams – based on his INSEAD research.

How resilient are your leaders?

First produced for, and published by, Penna Perspective, Issue 4
Feb 2012

Stress is on the increase. This article by Declan Woods shows the importance of leaders being able to recognize, manage and develop resilience in themselves, their people and their organisations.

Coaches use of Reflective Journals for Learning

Chapter written by Declan Woods for the Association for Coaching (AC) book, “Supervision in Coaching” published by Kogan Page

A research-based book chapter demystifying what reflective practice is and how coaches can go about it.

Immature leadership teams – a CEO’s dilemma

First produced for, and published by, CriticalEye, The Community of Leaders
24 Feb 2011

This article is a response to a leadership challenge faced by a CEO who recently took charge of an executive team and found that most members had been promoted above their experience and were immature as a corporate team.

The changing face of leadership – how can coaching help leaders prepare for the upturn?

First produced for, and published by, ChangeBoard, Leadership & Managing People category
5 Apr 2010

Few of us have witnessed such uncertain times. For the majority, the pace and scale of change are unprecedented in recent living history. This is surfacing new challenges for leaders, leadership and their organisations.

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