Middle Circle®

Through his ZPD experience, Declan identified a need for simple, effective on-line coaching tools which provide clear direction and guidance for both teams and individuals. It was this insight that drove the development for Middle Circle® for Teams and Middle Circle® for Careers.

Middle Circle’s® Team Coaching Tool

The Middle Circle® for Teams tool works to identify critical gaps, strengths and improvement areas in teams to extend capability beyond their current level of effectiveness. We don’t just look at individual team members, but how these individuals work, operate and achieve success together.

The tool delivers a clear, insightful report, complete with on-going action plans, to provide a clear path to improve a team’s effectiveness.

Middle Circle’s® Career Focussed Coaching Tool

The Middle Circle® for Careers tools (Results through Relationships© and CareerBoost© ) deliver career
success for both the individual and the organization.

They create a systematic approach to helping individuals achieve the career that they want by equipping them with personal career strategies to deliver better results, create stronger relationships, and improve work reputations.